Blog # 18 COVID-19

17 Jun 2020 | by Stephen Morales

We are fast approaching the end of term, and now that we have successfully introduced some year groups back into schools, the focus will begin to turn to preparations for September.

With only four weeks before the end of this academic year, it is imperative that we have a clear recovery road map to facilitate robust preparation ready to welcome back in September as many children as possible.

School leaders have been working relentlessly for the last 12 weeks, often sacrificing weekends and half-term breaks to ensure arrangements are in place to provide a provision for key worker and vulnerable children and then more recently the reintroduction of various year groups.

As well as the imperative to begin planning for September, we need to ensure we give school leaders the time and space to recover and recharge. If implementing plans eats deeply into the summer recess, we risk education leaders and their teams suffering from burnout and being unable to give children the teaching energy and enthusiasm they so desperately need following such a significant period of absence from school.

We must press the Government to publish an unambiguous recovery road map as soon as possible so that schools can begin the planning process without further delay 

From my conversations with school leaders, it is not so much prescriptive detailed guidance that they are seeking but some parameters within which to work, including clear expectations in terms of education delivery and outcomes as we progress towards normality.

With the planning window closing in on us, we will be urging the Secretary of State to publish plans this week.