Free Schools Meals (FSM) and supporting non-key worker recipients during the pandemic

19 Mar 2020 | by Rowena Morris

As a member of a county wide Business Managers Group, the question was raised this morning about FSM students who are at home or will be in the near future.

If the school is not using the FSM uptake, the saving which is funded through the GAG budgets and earmarked for FSM, could be paid out in the form of supermarket vouchers to our students. I take no credit for this information but one of my colleagues commented, as follows:

I would normally expect £2.20 a day so £11 a week per student. I am sending home £25 to cover the first 2 weeks directly to home and have got more ordered with named and addressed envelopes at the ready to post if we need to work from home. We have registered with a leading supermarket chain as a Corporate Customer, and I am sure other supermarket chains would do the same. A way of supporting our more vulnerable families in difficult times.

ISBL comment: This is a continually evolving situation therefore further guidance on a voucher system for free school meals applicable for children may be provided in the coming days from the government. We will update members as further guidance becomes available.