Managing payroll remotely during closure - Covid-19

18 Mar 2020 | by Judith Krone

One of our key expenditures is wages and of all the things we that we are required to do, paying staff on time is paramount. So, whether we stay open, shut for a couple of weeks or stay shut for a considerable time I have looked hard at how to achieve this.

  • We do wages in-house, but the points being made are valid however one organises the payroll
  • Have a back-up person who can prepare the basic information
  • Ensure staff have a means of accessing the information and the software so even if they can’t access the school building, they can do the work from home
  • Ensure that you are actually able to pay the money out – we do banking online but need to make sure the users all have their authentication devices and passwords with them wherever they are and whilst ensuring that observations to GDPR are still observed
  • Ensure that those involved in the payroll and its payment know the plan

It is the end of the tax year so we have prepared the March payroll already which has created the space to start to prepare the Local Government Pension Scheme returns, the Tax end of year forms and it may even allow the preparation of the EOYC for Teachers’ Pension before the Easter holidays.

Finally, you need to know who to pay when staff are absent from school. Our HR provider has provided some succinct notes, but The Key has done an equally good document.