Meals for FSM students during school closure

26 Mar 2020 | by Hilary

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We had to act quickly when hearing this requirement as our school was due to close the following day for all except key workers children – who these were was still undefined at this stage – another issue!  We looked at various options for our FSM students – coming in to school for a hot lunch, providing a takeaway sandwich meal or a voucher for a supermarket/bakery.

We abandoned the first two ideas as we felt we needed to both control the number of students coming on to the site and we did not want to single out those who were FSM.  We use cashless catering for meals normally and just preload their daily allowance.

Vouchers were the option then – we visited a large national supermarket (which will remain nameless) close to our school to discuss purchasing 165 gift cards preloaded with £23 to cover the ten days until the start of the holidays. They were sadly unable to help and took over 24 hours to come back to tell us this.  The next large national supermarket we approached could and were great in sorting this out for us.

We distributed the cards at school the following day asking parents to come in if possible and sign for them.  Parents who could not come in were able to request to have them posted to them.