Necessity-The Mother of Invention

22 May 2020 | by Kat Miller

One of the things I am proudest of about my school’s handling of the pandemic is the willingness of colleagues to adapt and react to the requirements and limitations placed upon us all – refocussing our efforts on the new priorities and changing our ways of working at the drop of a hat.

Our recently agreed conservative timeline for the implementation of Office 365 in order to ensure plenty of time for training, development and change management has been rapidly increased with all students now having access and our online learning offer building every day.

Staff in various roles have volunteered to be part of a group investigating, developing and trialling new remote learning methods including pre-recorded and live lessons, online mentoring, and support to work through the comprehensive curriculum plans that have been provided to all families. They share best practice through our weekly staff bulletin.

Teachers, support staff and governors deliver food hampers (including period products) to FSM families and our admin team have been relentless in contacting FSM families to arrange hamper delivery/collection or an eVoucher – we are determined to meet every FSM family’s entitlement.

We have identified many aspects of our new ways of working that we are keen not to lose when we return to our “new normal”: more use of email over postage, video conferencing instead of some meetings, and genuine shared leadership and innovation from colleagues throughout the school, who are working creatively to meet our families’ needs.