Reflections on COVID

30 Jul 2020 | by Fiona Gill

Reflections on COVID – Igniting recognition

COVID has forced my school to introduce changes which will be positively embedded into the future school culture. Significantly, whole school staff engaging with electronic communication from training webinars to online research, from ZOOM to Team meetings.

My school, like many, previously relied on the traditional communication methods – face-to-face meetings/training and paper memos in pigeon-holes. During lockdown, this approach had to be reviewed and the use of technology now includes an electronic whole school diary and online access to school policies.

Our SMT meetings are now online, actually do take place weekly with improved accessibility. There is TLR management of teaching teams, ensuring a middle manager is in place to encourage communication up and down the organisation. 

COVID highlighted to all stakeholders my pivotal role, as the School Business Professional, demonstrated through the responsibility of budgets and guidance on staffing issues, specifically attendance. In addition, supporting and leading solutions for a safe school environment.

One year ago, I would never have imagined that 2020 would bring me the need to research and advise on the purchase of fogging machines, mobile hand wash units, contents of Bubble COVID boxes, perspex screens and anti-slip floor stickers!