Remote delivery of an Internal Audit Programme

18 Jun 2020 | by Wendy Farrier

Delivering an effective Internal Audit Programme is a condition of Academy funding, but how can we achieve this during times when movement is so restricted?

I work with One West whose ‘different thinking’ and creative approach has enabled them to satisfactorily deliver internal Audit to academies very effectively during COVID-19. Showing that there is an opportunity for all suppliers to adapt their delivery models to support the current restrictions.

Here are some suggestions that make this work;

#1 Analysis – a bold look at what can be electronic, conveyed verbally or must be physically verified.

#2 Reality check – isolating the physical verification need, keeping it proportionally low and then establishing other ways to realise it (Skype etc.)

#3 Adding a layer of Customer Service – offering different digital visual platforms, enhanced security options and extra customer guidance.

#4 Mutually committing to action and completion – a ‘contract’ to work through any difficulties on route and ensuring work times, which really fit.

Outcomes are excellent, customer satisfaction high and future legacy opportunities apparent.

Different ways of working can mean added efficiency but, they also tie in with One West’s aspirations to reduce their carbon footprint of which I am wholeheartedly supporting.

I hope this blog assists others in negotiating new ways of working with their existing suppliers or to be inspired to move to new suppliers offering such innovation.