What Have You Done Today To Make You Feel Proud

8 Jan 2019 | by Andy Heron











In the words of Heather Small and a song that usually resonates at any conference that needs its delegates to feel uplifted or the Olympians at the London 2012 games - What have YOU done today to make YOU feel PROUD?

Today, I am still on holiday, but I have done the housework, did some washing, walked the dog and made my wife’s tea – after all she has been at work. 

I have had nearly 2 weeks off and done no school work at all. It has been a revelation to switch off and recharge the batteries. I can tell you, that I felt somewhat jaded towards the end of last term and I needed a rest having not had any time off since the start of July.


Still, I digress and need to get back on track. Having done relatively not much I was finding it hard to find anything I had done that I had been PROUD of today. However, a brief sojourn back to twitter illuminated something that I was very PROUD to see, and it counted because I was looking at it today.

You see, sometimes it is the achievements of others that make me feel equally uplifted and PROUD. Anyone who frequents twitter will be aware of the amazing resource it is and continues to be for #SBLtwitter aficionados both experienced and inexperienced.  Offering advice, experience, ideas, views, help, comfort, empathy, sympathy and even a kick up the backside for some of us. 






However recently, to me anyway, a few of the people I have engaged in twitter conversations and discussions most in recent times have been successful in forging new career paths that will make them considerable assets to their new employers in their continued journeys. I have even met some of these face to face!

Sadly, some have left schools all together but will have greater involvement in the bigger sphere of education, just outside of the traditional SBP environs. Whilst I say this is sad, I am filled with being extremely PROUD that the roles they have had in schools is what has made them so sought after. Progression to national roles and Chief Executive levels of working is by no means an easy feat but after working in the school business arena, I am guessing it will be a walk in the park for most! After all, they have acquired a mass of knowledge that will stand them in good stead for most situations that they will encounter on their new journeys.


So, me being PROUD today is not about what I have done, but what I have learnt from others that have made me feel so PROUD. It’s what they have achieved by learning the trade and specialisms of being one of the most important cogs in our schools up and down the country.  By being Fellows of the ISBL they have shown what kind of people they are and how sought after they have become.

The roles they have left behind will need to be filled and hopefully these people will also take to networking with the many other school business professionals that frequent #SBLtwitter.  In the words of the great Heather Small once again, their replacements in the roles they have left will be “Moving on Up” and I am sure will be great successes. We look forward to saying hello in due course in 2019.