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The CIPS Award for School Business Professionals - C1

CIPS Corporate Award is a procurement and supply learning programme that has been designed in partnership by ISBL and CIPS to incorporate terminology, practices and unique challenges specific to school business professionals.

The programme is delivered using different learning methods including practical assessed assignments, interactive workshops and contextualised case studies to make learning relevant.

The successful completion of the programme results in Diploma membership of CIPS. It takes a year to complete with an average of 100 hours of self-study required. There are five modules, comprising a blend of 3 face-to-face training days, webinars and coursework based on real issues encountered by staff.


The benefits

To employers

  • Value: This practical, applied learning approach delivers proven return on investment
  • Talent: Investing in the development of staff unlocks potential and boosts expertise
  • Business improvement: Work-based assignments drive improvements directly back into your workplace
  • Professionalism: Helps bring about positive changes in performance and behaviour that benefit your workplace

To participants

  • Accreditation: The programme provides a route to Diploma professional membership status, and is a step towards MCIPS status
  • Opportunities: Successful completion of the programme opens up specialist career opportunities
  • Network: Participation provides knowledge sharing and networking across the education sector



ISBL Office, 53 Butts Coventry CV1 3BH


Based on the CIPS core syllabus, the programme also brings out learning of particular relevance to school business professionals:

  • The sourcing process and effective tendering
  • Procurement approach and strategy
  • Benchmarking
  • Collaborative buying
  • Contract and supplier management
  • Exit and re-procurement
  • Operating in EU frameworks and legislation
  • Supplier appraisal
  • Developing specifications
  • Effective purchasing
  • Driving value
  • Procedures in procurement and supply
  • The impact of the external environment
  • Effective negotiation



In these times of budget restrictions and economic uncertainty it is more important than ever that we learn from each other, share experiences and best practices to deliver the best public services that we can



£2999 plus VAT for ISBL members

£3540 plus VAT for non-members

This includes CIPS Student membership

For more information email: training@isbl.org.uk or click here


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