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ISBL School Optimisation Tool (On Demand)

It is important to accurately calculate the 12 Key Metrics used in ICFP so that you can start to investigate potential areas of inefficiency and make informed, collaborative decisions.

Our I-SOT, the ISBL School Optimisation Tool
  • Uses the ISBL Approach to ICFP.
  • Guides you step-by-step to enter your school’s data.
  • Calculates the 12 Key Metrics for you.
  • Applies a RAG rating system to the metrics to indicate which areas may be of concern and require further investigation.
  • Is supported by accompanying documentation to help you understand the 12 Key Metrics and the calculations used.
  • The I-SOT is an Excel based ICFP tool. We recommend that you use Excel 2013+ or 365 on Windows. Some elements of the I-SOT are currently not supported for Macs.

I-SOT is being offered as a non-supported tool. All metrics and thresholds are correct at time of purchase. The ISOT will be updated and developed over time, existing customers may be offered the opportunity to upgrade their I-SOT version which may be at cost or free to charge.

The current version of the I-SOT is suitable to use with primary and secondary maintained, SAT MAT and independents. The current version of I-SOT only calculates the metrics for one school, and so if you want to use it in the context of multiple schools, you will need to calculate the metrics for each individual school and then self-aggregate the results.

When you purchase the ISBL School Optimisation Tool you agree that you will not distribute it to any third party. You also agree to only use I-SOT for licence type you have purchased, either for a single school or multiple schools (e.g. a Multi Academy Trust).


  • If you are paying by Credit Card, the I-SOT will be sent to you via email within two working days.
  • If you are paying by Invoice / BACS, the I-SOT will be sent to you via email within two working days of your payment being received.





Single licence

Member rate: £149

Non member rate: £199


Multi licence

Member rate: £249

Non member rate: £299


All prices are subject to VAT

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