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use of staff vehicles for work

Hi There is a suggestions that all staff or vehicles (private or school owned ) who accumulate business miles (eg for training, banking, popping to the shops, transp...

Teacher training organisations

We have two TA's who were about to start on a teaching qualification via TES but now looks like that might not happen as they appear to have been given some misinformation about costs and VAT a...

ESFA Chart of Accounts

Good afternoon all  Do you think the ESFA Chart of Accounts will become mandatory, if so, do you think that the ESFA will pay towards the set up charges by the software providers? Or...

ISBL Fellows Forum

This area allows Fellows to discuss current topics and link up across the country to share ideas and good practice. 

Processing Times

I am interested to see what processing times MATS allow for centralised functions. Does anyone have any they can share, for example:- Processing Purchase Orders Proces...

Executive Business managers

I work in Islington and the schools are all mainly state schools still (not academies).  We  are being encouraged to form Federations and with this comes the new role of Executi...

Conference Speakers - Practitioners

Hi all I am a real advocate of practitioner-led CPD.  I am looking for fellows that are based in the London or Home Counties that would be willing to deliver a keynote presentation o...

Special Schools Group Forum

Welcome to the Special Schools Forum. 

This area is here to raise questions, flag advice and interact on a national level where we can exchange resources and good practice. 

Employing Therapists

If anyone is directly employing therapists in their school, would they be willing to share any knowledge regarding this?  Due to our local authority not being able to provide sufficient therap...