School business professionals save money with RISO


When school business professionals need to improve how and what their school prints, but reduce costs at the same time, they turn to the established education print specialist RISO UK.

As an approved ISBL supplier, RISO’s high-speed cutsheet inkjet printers are well-known throughout schools across the UK.

The RISO printers are incredibly efficient, reliable and offer exceptionally low-cost printing, especially when it comes to colour, meaning schools can print more, help pupils learn and save money too.

With its digital duplicators, RISO originally made its name in the education sector, and as its products evolved, it continued to be at the forefront of printing in settings such as schools, colleges, academies and universities.

As well as the duplicators, RISO now manufactures the most powerful cutsheet inkjet printers, with the RISO ComColor GD 9630 being the flagship model.

Printers manufactured by RISO are top of the class, with environmental credentials second to none.

Not only that, RISO’s cold fusion printers, which do not use toner technology, have helped academies to improve their printing and reduce costs.

One school was able to reduce toner costs alone by about £10,000 a year. A busy primary school in London introduced RISO solutions and now prints three times as much as they used to “for the same cost.”

Jenni Dugdale, RISO’s Education Specialist, comments: “School business managers have to sweat every penny in their budget. Pressures come from the finance side of things, and from the teaching staff who use print every day.

“With some changes to what people print, and the addition of high-speed inkjet printing from RISO, schools can do more and save money. The evidence is there, at the schools where our printers are used day in, day out. It simply makes sense to an ideal print solution such as RISO.”

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