How the Proactive AV Operating Lease Can Benefit Your School



Proactive AV are always looking for ways to help their customers purchase the most up to date AV equipment in the most cost effective way.  They work with a leasing company who provide ISBL approved Operating Leases at excellent terms over the whole five year warranty period of the kit.

When a school buys interactive touchscreens from Proactive AV, uniquely all cables and faceplates are covered by a five year warranty; not just the interactive touchscreen. Let’s face it, if the cabling isn’t working it doesn’t matter how good the screen is, it still won’t work.

Operating Leases are classed as a discounted rental agreement calculated at around 90% of the capital cost of the equipment, which is why the sum of the rental payments does not always amount to the capital cost of the equipment being acquired.  They ensure that schools pay for usage rather than ownership and are not tied in to the equipment after three years if they don’t want to be.

This case study explains how a Proactive customer has achieved new touchscreen technology in every classroom by using an Operating Lease – twice…

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