Making a difference to the health of your staff!


Schools Advisory Service are the largest insurance services provider to specialise in the education sector exclusively. SAS began insuring schools in 1997, now working with over 4000 schools nationwide and are the market leader in staff absence and maternity insurance.

Over 20 years we have built and developed relationships with schools and academies, giving us a unique understanding of their insurance needs, support service requirements and most importantly how we can support them to achieve their goals. We develop our products annually in consultation with schools to ensure that we provide the most relevant and effective service available in the UK.

SAS also work with your school to proactively prevent & reduce staff absence through our extensive Well-being & Medical Benefits. This service is Clinician-led and managed by our experienced, in-house Nurse Team. New for 2018, we are now offering Speech Therapy for staff who continuously struggle with voice loss in the classroom. Whilst the staff member may not need to be absent from work, the school has to provide additional classroom support which has an impact on schools’ budget and the learning experience of the students.

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