Safeguarding risks are continually evolving, recently at an increased pace.


Emerging safeguarding risks in schools

Safeguarding risks are continually evolving, but in recent years the pace of this change seems to have increased, driven in part by our society’s growing reliance on digital technology. It is vital that schools are able to adapt to these changes.

Which emerging safeguarding risks do schools need to be aware of?

Our whitepaper, Understanding Safeguarding, outlines some of the safeguarding risks that have emerged over the past decade.

Many of these can be broadly categorised as relating to technology, such as:

  • Sexting and sextortion
  • Upskirting
  • Cyber bullying
  • Doxing
  • Anxiety/mental health issues linked to use of social media

How can schools adapt to emerging safeguarding risks?

It is important to ensure emerging and evolving risks are reflected in your safeguarding policies and procedures, including the training you provide to staff and the mechanism to measure its effectiveness.

How can we help?

We have recently partnered with the UK’s largest specialist independent safeguarding company, INEQE Group, to create a Safer Schools Package – a collection of safeguarding resources and apps for the whole school community, including teachers, students, families and carers.

We have also produced a Safeguarding Risk Resource – a central hub containing a wealth of content on a variety of safeguarding topics.

For further information speak to your Risk and Insurance Consultant, contact us on 0800 232 1901 or visit us at

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