How to manage your best resource for optimum efficiency


Truly knowing your staff is vital to operational success. Having easy access to their information means you know how they are performing, their contributions to the institution and also how you can help them develop in their role. As they typically utilise over 70% of budgets, your people are your greatest resource, and investing in them will only bring further improvements across your institution.

With the use of technology, such as integrated and centralised systems for HR purposes, benefits can be seen trust-wide, as well as for standalone schools, through unique functionality such as multi-role allocation and Continued Professional Development (CPD) tracking. Software that possesses these capabilities shows exactly how technology can be used to improve school management. Skills shortages across the sector often means staff have more than one job role, so being able to record this accurately in a back-office management system provides institutions with a clearer view of skillsets and subsequently how they are managed. CPD is also a very important part of HR; it results in a more skilled workforce as well as enhanced staff satisfaction.

Our functionality-rich HR management system, PS People, not only brings improvements in the form of efficiency, but also encourages a culture of utilising supporting technology that enables more streamlined working practices. It minimises paperwork, email chains and allows schools and MATs to see a snapshot of their teaching staff, allowing them to plan for filling skills gaps and the utilisation of specialisations.

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