How Europa Centre inspires young people to continue with languages


Laura Subfield, a language teacher at St Martin’s School in Brentwood, first visited the Europa Centre 20 years ago,  with her school, St Edward’s Church of England School, for a French and German visit. She said her visit to the Europa Centre inspired her to continue with languages and she is now a language teacher herself at St Martin’s School in Brentwood.  This year, Laura and Dai Bourton, brought their group of Year 10 and Year 11 students to the centre.

“It is easy to organise a trip to the Europa Centre as I don’t have to worry about passports. The students spoke German all the time during the visit. The Europa Centre is a nice alternative to exchanges and overseas language trips.”

Over 100 schools from around the country regularly take advantage of the Europa Centre’s diverse and immersive language learning experience in the UK's only indoor mock European town.

Language visits are available:

  • in French, Spanish, Italian and German                              
  • for KS2, KS3 & KS4 students
  • include “shopping”, “find a missing person”, “visiting a café” activities and more
  • designed to support the new GCSE specifications
  • easy access to Central London


Please visit our website:, or call us on 01708 434955

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