Analyse school performance (ASP) Update


We are pleased to announce that provisional 2018 KS1 and Phonics (with disadvantage data) is now available in ASP.

2018 absence data (2 term) is also available in ASP. This data includes all absences reported during the autumn term 2017 and spring term 2018.

Ofsted is also pleased to announce that the 2018 primary Inspection Data Summary Reports (IDSRs) are now available on ASP. The primary IDSRs hold provisional data for key stage 2, key stage 1, phonics, and context data. This includes data for disadvantaged pupils.

Access to ASP previously through the Secure Access portal, has now been replaced by DfE Sign-in. Approximately 20,000 users have now successfully migrated to the new service. The easy step by step process is on the DfE Sign-in website. Please can we remind all ASP users the importance of keeping your log-in credentials confidential.

Coming soon

  • School Characteristic 2018 data – end Dec.

  • Revised KS2 2018 data – end Jan.

Recent updates

  • KS4 provisional data 2018 and Destinations data for 2017 was released 21 November.

  • KS1 and Phonics provisional 2018 (without disadvantage data) was released 1 November.

  • KS2 provisional data for 2018 including disadvantage data was released was released 23 October.

  • The new Data Management function was released into ASP 19th September. Data Management allows school named users to create  “what if”  scenarios and explore the impact on the measures by removing one or more pupils from their phonics, KS1, KS2 or KS4 data so they can see how their data looks in different scenarios. For example, users can create a custom view showing the performance of pupils with EAL or non-mobile pupils.

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