Premises and Health & Safety checks just got rather dashing


It’s vital for schools to ensure that their buildings and classrooms comply with statutory health and safety regulations. This can be difficult to keep on top of – especially as legislation becomes more complex, increasing schools’ accountability. That’s where Parago School Management Solutions come in.

Schools see the benefits of using Parago

  • Plan premises checks – schedule maintenance works to grounds, buildings, rooms, etc.

  • Manage contractors – keep a record of contractor’s details, compliance and contracts

  • Import conditions survey and assign capital projects funding

  • Attach images and documents for evidential records

Now, thanks to customisable visual dashboards, you can easily filter, manipulate and export all data. Use it to demonstrate particular areas of compliance to see if all regulatory checks have been conducted in your schools and plan on inventory procurement strategy.

Our premises management app comes as part of our premises and compliance solution. Our asset management solutions apps and systems are developed with accredited schools and MATs, so rest assured – they will work for you.

Managing multiple schools? Use our Multi School Account Manager!

Now you can standardise rules and checks to all school or academies across your organisation.


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