Mind the Gap - Understand your school’s compliance


With a mountain of paperwork to maintain and records of any renewal dates and appointments for checks, it’s easy to lose track of where your school stands in the realm of compliance. You need to capture everything needed and make arrangements for any remedial works to be scheduled in.

An effective and cost-efficient way of keeping abreast of your compliance status is with a gap analysis, providing a snapshot in time of your school’s compliance. This verifies that a valid condition survey is in place as well as the school’s fire risk assessment, water tests, alarms, risk assessments, competent contractor checks plus any other occupier and in-house checks.

With Strictly Education’s Property Support Gap Analysis you save time, and benefit from checks that all necessary policies are in place and template policies where they’re not.

The aim is simply to determine the school’s compliance position and existing procedures without a finger of blame being pointed. Our gap analysis can be with you in a few days and above the current snapshot, delivers a roadmap for a school on how to move forward with a list of priorities.

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