Correctly plan for projects and finances


"We are extremely happy with the service provided by Parago. Having an overview of our total spending means we can safely avoid making any unnecessary purchases. The system is very easy to use and has thus made it possible to train staff across all our sites." Gypsy Hill Federation

When planning projects for your schools, it's easy to get bogged down by numbers and logistics. Not to mention, striving to remain accountable for future financial decisions.

But thanks to Parago's new Capital & Project Management module, easily plan, assign, manage and demonstrate future financial decisions to save expenditure and contractual work.

Simplify the process of managing your projects and multiple sub-projects

Parago calculates forecasting, estimates and the debits and credits associated with them – reap the benefits:

  • Remain accountable
    Show SLT clear budget reporting using automated dashboards – justify decisions and avoid overspending

  • Delve into the details
    Create multiple sub-projects within projects – you decide how simple or detailed your planning is

  • Parago calculates for you
    Compare and analyse forecasts of estimates and real costs

  • Work securely anywhere
    Cloud-based document storage for projects, sub-projects and line items

Find out more about how the work we do will benefit your school – contact us to discuss or to book a demonstration.

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