Parent Power – How to make additional funds available for your school





In response to your positive feedback and encouragement, Zenergi are launching a new initiative that’s totally free to use called Parent Power (and it’s not just for parents!).  

Save money on your energy at home, just like you would on any other comparison site, but the difference here is that you can help fund your chosen school.

We all know that changing our home supplier is usually the best way to save money but how many of us get around to changing it before our fixed tariffs run out?

If your gas or electricity supplies are due for a refresh, simply go to our website and provide your home address, the name of your chosen school, what energy type you would like to look at and have a copy bill to hand.  It’s really easy to switch and you can save today!

The more we share and spread the word, the more all our schools will benefit.  Schools can put the link on their website or run a parent group campaign to raise awareness and generate money for school budgets all over the UK.

To find out more on the scheme and share with your community, check out our video or contact us at

Turning positive energy to positive futures.

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