Reduce your print costs as you lower your carbon footprint





The environment of your school means a lot to you, and therefore means a lot to RISO too. 

Our compact, highly-reliable, high-speed colour inkjet printers don’t use toners or heat in the printing process. This means they use very little energy and do not emit any harmful emissions into the air.

In turn, this means that schools can save money on their power bills and the people who work near printers will not suffer the smells and heat traditionally associated with toner-based devices.

And because they’re reliable, there is very little paper wastage and paper jams are simply very rare. They also offer the lowest cost for colour printing on the market.

The environment matters to RISO. A lot of resource goes into research and development to make our printers even better than they have ever been before when it comes to helping the environment.

But you may want to see for yourself just how a RISO cutsheet inkjet printer could benefit you, your school’s finances, and the staff and children.

Simply contact us to book a no obligation print review to find out how you can reduce your print costs as you lower your carbon footprint.

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