Communication and security in schools





Dataphone are an ISBL Approved Partner (since 2008) supporting over 500 schools with their telecoms. We deliver competitive prices with outstanding service.

Dataphone creates and installs a wide range of highly tailored telephony solutions, which include primary and secondary schools, collages, universities and free schools.  

Our stylish handsets are easy to use and are at a low cost; which will help reduce your expenses as much as possible.

We provide you with a comprehensive Lockdown procedure so you can have clear communication between teachers, parents and support staff with security to protect your staff and students. Absentee lines and auto attendants are also included.

With an increasing number of services moving into the cloud for the resilience, flexibility and cost saving if offers, it makes sense to move your telephony.

Our years experience of working with schools has taught us what to focus on.

Moving is simple. New phones can be added and features can be updated through a web portal, which makes it easy to manage and easy for Dataphone to support you.

To find out more about hosted telephony call us on 08000 14 24 75

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