Remember to complete the School Resource Management Self-Assessment Tool





From September 2019, all Academy Trusts must complete the School Resource Management Self-Assessment Tool (SRMSAT) annually and submit this to the ESFA.  The 2019 return must be submitted by 14 November 2019.

The SRMSAT is intended to help assure Trust Boards that they are meeting the right standards to achieve a good level of financial health and resource management in their Trust.

The SRMSAT comprises a checklist and a dashboard. Only the checklist must be submitted. The dashboard, which provides comparisons for the schools in your Trust against a range of benchmarks identified by DfE as indicators of good resource management, must be completed to answer the final checklist question. Trusts should ensure they use they use the most up to date financial and other information on their schools when completing the dashboard.

The ESFA guidance is available from:

So, make sure you don’t leave it to the last minute and ensure you include time for your CEO / Accounting Officer and Chair of Trustees to review the return prior to being submitted to the ESFA.

If you need any help with the return, then then just give the Not-for-Profit Team at Cooper Parry a shout!

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