Exclusive whole school well being services with Schools Advisory Service (SAS).






According to recent statistics, one in eight young people in the UK report experiencing anxiety or depression. This has risen by 50% compared to surveys 20 years ago and the majority of instances go unrecognised. Comparatively, a recent survey shows that 78% of all education professionals have experienced behavioural, psychological or physical symptoms due to their work.

Due to the increased need for mental health provision in school, SAS has developed a range of whole school wellbeing services to help school staff and pupils make improvements to their physical and mental health.

SAS wellbeing services are the most comprehensive on the market, adapting annually to meet the needs of school staff and provide the best provision to prevent and reduce absence. In 2019, SAS introduced a range of pupil wellbeing services which include a speech therapy, SEND, pupil counselling, and pupil yoga services as well as the Be A Champion programme. Be A Champion was developed in partnership with rugby league legend Jamie Peacock, with the aim to help pupils make improvements to their mindsets, sleep better, eat healthy and be more physically active. All services have been developed to aid schools make an impact to the overall wellbeing of pupils and staff.

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