Traditional UK Telephone Network Being Replaced by 2025







Technology is such a fascinating industry that is constantly moving leaps and bounds. One year we're walking around with a Nokia 3310 and using desktop PC's at work, the next we've moved on to laptops, iPhones, wearable smart glasses and even virtual reality. The truth is that technology moves on that fast it is difficult to keep up with.

As with all technology there becomes a time when you need to move on and make the switch to the latest tech. It has been recently announced that the days of the traditional telephone network across the UK will disappear before we know it. With BT announcing the switch off of these telephone lines, it's essential that if you’re not already using the latest SIP phone lines, that you review this service to ensure best value for your school.

The telecoms infrastructure in the UK has now become so old that it is being replaced with the latest fibre technology giving massive benefits to schools. These include substantially reduced phone line rental, cheaper calls and lightning speed broadband.

If you haven't switched to the new technology yet, then call one of the team at Telephone Europe on 0800 652 1900.

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