Introducing SBC Online: your new efficient and compliant procurement solution







As the School Business Leadership profession has matured, school business professionals have gained knowledge around public sector procurement regulations. To support this advancement, Schools’ Buying Club has launched SBC Online; an easy to use online facility designed to procure new services quickly, efficiently and compliantly without compromising on achieving best value.

Using SBC Online you will receive remote professional support from our procurement specialists, so you can be confident in running your tenders in-house using our five-step procurement journey, procurement portal and bespoke templates. Our team will provide expert advice throughout the process; checking all your documents and managing the tender through a secure tendering portal.

SBC Online covers key service contract areas including outsourced catering, cleaning, ICT managed services and MFDs. We will also support other specialist categories as requested.

With New Year’s resolutions in the air, now is the chance to take your procurement solutions, skills and knowledge to the next level whilst still achieving best value contracted services.

Are you interested in finding out more about SBC Online? Visit, drop us an email at or call us on 0845 2577050.

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