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Calming Cat is an engaging, huggable, tactile cat which helps to facilitate conversations with children about their feelings, thoughts and behaviours, as well as offering coping strategies.

Developed by an Educational Psychologist, Calming Cat and its content are designed for any child or young person, who needs to learn about their body’s reaction to feelings and how to manage them. As well as one to one sessions the content could be used as a whole class resource.

The appealing design has soft, soothing fur and a weighted body making it calming to hold. There is a tummy pocket for a personal comforting object, as well as openings at the side for hands to cuddle the cat or for the coaching cards. The multi-sensory materials will help keep children stimulated and calm. Contains over 140 coaching cards, giving insight, advice and activities to develop knowledge, skills and understanding. An example of them can be downloaded from our website.

The different coloured coaching cards will help address a variety of feelings, as well as giving greater understanding of the physiological causes and effects of emotions. Written by Paula Williams from Psychology 4 Learning. Paula is a Senior Educational Psychologist and teacher with more than 20 years’ experience of helping children.

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