Telephone systems for schools






Dataphone are an ISBL Approved Partner supporting over 600 schools with their telecoms.

Schools and colleges have a huge responsibility to their pupils and staff. Effective communication platforms that can cater with multiple instances; taking calls relating to absent pupils, making safety announcements across the campus and providing an information source for parents calling in, in the case of unexpected circumstances, are just a few.

Telephone systems from Dataphone are designed to meet the needs of the school environment.  Separate lines for absenteeism collate messages in one place, so you can quickly find out who to expect in school.  Students are kept safe with messages quickly broadcast across the campus, to provide emergency information including ‘lockdown’ information.  Parents and inbound callers benefit from greeting messages which provide routine information and can be updated to provide specific information in the event of an emergency or unexpected event.

Your telephony system from Dataphone comes with essential tools including call logging, reporting, protection against fraud protection and the ability to prevent calls to undesirable or long distance numbers, to help manage your communications and protect your staff and pupils.  

Dataphone systems are easy to use, feature rich and a choice of handsets are available for classrooms, common areas, offices and reception areas.

Dataphone also supply secure internet, WiFi and CCTV to keep your environment safe.

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