Is wellbeing in schools affordable?




Make the Most of Your Staff Absence, Maternity & Wellbeing Budgets (with SAS they are one in the same)

Linking the staff absence and wellbeing budgets by using SAS services is a great form of ICFP (Integrated curriculum and financial planning), creating the best curriculum for pupils maximising funding available with our services designed to support implementation or enhancement of the school wellbeing culture required as part of the new Ofsted framework. On average, Schools spend 80% of their Budget on salaries so keeping the staff well makes perfect financial sense. You can’t guarantee no one will be unwell but planned support will make a Wellbeing and Financial difference.

When considering SAS, you can make the most of your budget by combining your staff absence with and wellbeing budget, providing you with potential savings and obtaining Best Value

Our support services have been proven to prevent and reduce absence, with over 60% of staff accessing our services remaining in work.

Since 1997, SAS have invested in staff and pupil wellbeing, spending over £4milion on wellbeing services in 2018/19. Further development is being completed to create more content to support schools to embed a whole school wellbeing culture in schools.

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