DfE free support for school business functions available






The Department for Education have a national team of accredited School Resource Management Advisers (SRMAs) available to provide support for the operation, management and governance of school business functions.

This support is available for all settings, LAs, schools, and academies and through all phases. The aim of their work is keeping staff, pupils, premises safe and maintaining the effective use of resources. This is not a normal SRMA deployment and does not involve an ICFP review, it is simply an offer of help in difficult times.

Requests for this FREE support will be dealt with on a priority basis, depending on need. Support and advice could range from a one-off issue in a small primary school to all school business functions in a large MAT, and can be provided via email, phone calls and online meetings.

If you work in a school, please have your unique reference number (URN or UK PRN) available.

Please do share this information about the additional SRMA support now available.

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