Admission Appeals - New Regulations Requiring Urgent Action by Schools




New regulations have been enacted which affect Admission Appeal Hearings during the coronavirus crisis.  The regulations introduce a 'coronavirus exception' which relaxes some requirements and amends timescales in the 2012 regulations, which continue to otherwise apply.  The regulations also require Admission Authorities to reissue certain admission decisions sent to parents after 28 February 2020 to re-state their right of appeal and the new timeframes which apply.

Where the 'coronavirus exception' applies, the following changes come into effect:

  • The timescales are changed so that they apply in calendar days, not school days;

  • The rules regarding the constitution of Admission Appeal Panels are relaxed to allow two members (of any status) to continue with the appeal and make a decision; and

  • The Admission Appeal Hearing can take place by remote access (i.e. by live video or telephone) or as a paper exercise.

The regulations do not change mandatory training requirements for Clerks and Panel Members.

What do we need to do now?

If you are your own admission authority, you must immediately review all admission decision letters sent to parents after 28 February to establish which will need to be re-issued, as the new timescales apply from the date of the re-issued letter.

For more detail on the changes, please see our in-depth article on the new regulations.

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