Safely manage the return of visitors, staff, and pupils to your school with InVentry





While we’re all trying to get back to the new normal, InVentry has created many new features to help schools re-open safely. Our latest feature is Access Invitations, these invitations allow visitors to come on-site contact free.

The invitation includes a secure link that allows the visitor to open the school car park barrier, gate and entrance door at just a click of a button! The invitations will include a time limit, specified by you, to ensure additional security. We’re also going to be releasing a Health Declaration next month, whereby staff members are sent a declaration at the beginning of each day asking them to declare they are COVID-19 symptom free. If they fail this message, they will not be able to enter or sign-in to the school upon arrival. Your on-site Health Contact is also notified. And you’ll receive a list showcasing the visitors that this staff member has encountered, so you’re able to “track and trace” those consequently at risk. Host Ready is also a new feature coming soon. It sends a notification to the meeting host when visitors arrive on-site and the visitor is unable to enter until the host ready authorises them to do so. This means there are less people congregating in reception at one time and allows schools to ensure a 2m distance.

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