ISBL Professional Development Fund


ISBL has established a Professional Development Fund so that it can invest in new training opportunities for SBPs.

This fund has been created through the ISBL Energy Framework, whereby the contractor (Zenergi) committed to provide a reinvestment in SBP training and development via ISBL over the life of the contract.

We believe that all SBPs should have access to high quality, relevant qualification and training opportunities.

One of the characteristics of a recognised profession is it is a type of job that requires advanced education or training” As the school business profession continues to develop, we are seeing more specialist roles emerge, especially in MATs. These roles create new progression routes for SBPs, and we are keen to ensure SBPs can access qualifications that support them to move into these new roles.

This newly established fund is designed to support new specialist qualifications/programmes to be piloted and established as professional development routes within the sector. It will be used to support qualifications that are mapped within the ISBL Professional Standard disciplines.

The fund will be used strategically to provide reduced costs on SBP qualifications and development programmes as we pilot these programmes and further develop them following delegate feedback. This investment is essential in ensuring the successful development and launch of fit-for-purpose qualifications and training opportunities which are accessible for all SBPs across the country.

Use of the fund must be agreed by the ISBL Executive Team, meet with ISBL’s strategic aims and the programmes must map to the ISBL Professional Standards.

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