Copyright Licencing Agency update on copying of materials


In early April, Copyright Licencing Agency (CLA) announced the temporary extension of the CLA Education Licence: relaxing the ownership clause in the licence and permitting copying of up to 30% of books. 

The temporary extension was put in place until 31st July 2020 in order to provide support during the initial months of the current health crisis.

As schools and colleges prepare to welcome their students back at the start of the new academic year, this is a reminder that the extension ended on 31 July 2020.  Please could you ensure that all relevant staff are made aware of this.

CLA would like to thank staff who recorded their use on our web form during this period.  Your information helps us make fair payments to the content creators in what are difficult times for them.

We are delighted to see that our Education Platform has proven to be such a popular tool for schools and colleges in these past few months.

If you are not familiar with it, the Education Platform is free to all licence holders and provides teachers/lecturers with free access to digital textbooks that the school or college own. It makes it easier to share high-quality content with students on a VLEs or by sharing links via email.

Access to the Education Platform continues to be available as a standard feature of the licence, supporting remote lesson preparation and the delivery of learning resources.

We would also like to thank the schools and colleges who encouraged students to take part in our 16-19 Essay Writing Competition; we have been inundated with high-quality entries.  The Education Team and an independent panel of judges have begun to assess the entries. Prize winners will be announced in September. Look out for next years’ competition.

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