Bring your community back together, with safe and efficient lettings




Beyond their vital importance for educating our next generation, schools have some of the best facilities available – facilities which are an incredibly valuable asset to local groups, businesses and even other schools to facilitate more learning and community cohesion.  In light of the current economic landscape and the impact of social distancing on communities, many schools will be looking to ‘rebuild’ in order to generate new revenue and bring local communities back together.


With a managed lettings service or a lettings management software system, Kajima Community, the school letting specialists, can provide a fresh opportunity that schools will need after the effects of COVID-19.  Schools will, naturally, be focused on delivering important outcomes for their students, whilst Kajima’s team of lettings experts can ensure a more efficient and rewarding lettings programme that keeps schools at the heart of the community.


Visit for more information on how you can start re-opening your facilities safely and efficiently.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed about reactivating your community lettings, get in touch now to find out how our BookingsGuru service or BookingsPlus software can help you - 01604 677 764.   

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