Get your procurement knowledge and skills accredited through SBC Online




Schools’ Buying Club Online has partnered with ISBL and CIPS to help take your procurement knowledge and experience one step further by contributing 10% towards the cost of your CIPS Award for School Business Professionals.

The CIPS Award is a procurement and supply learning programme designed for the education sector in partnership by ISBL and CIPS to incorporate terminology, practices and unique challenges specific to schools. Click here to find out more.

The SBC Online procurement process will ensure best value contracted services for your school or Trust, whilst also helping you prepare for completing this qualification. You will benefit from:

  • 10% towards the cost of the training
  • Mentoring from a dedicated procurement specialist throughout the process
  • Demonstration on how high-quality procurement can drive improvements and efficiencies back into your school
  • Real life case studies

To find out more about how you can benefit from using SBC Online to complete the CIPS Award for School Business Professionals or to procure new service contracts, saving your school time and money click here.

SBC Online is a brand new service designed specifically to provide experienced school business professionals with an efficient and compliant procurement solution. To find out more information about SBC Online click here.

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