Five Steps to CIF (Condition Improvement Fund) Bid Success!







With the next Condition Improvement Funding (CIF) round likely to re-open in October/November 2020. We have put together five top tips on how to give your bids the best chance of success.

1. Review the Guidance

Each year the Department for Schools and Education update their guidance document and this information is crucial for your bid selection and preparation. If your bid does not closely align with the CIF policy criteria/priorities then it is unlikely that it will be successful.

2. Evidence

The provision of compelling evidence is critical and greatly strengthens your bid. Photos can clearly illustrate the issue. Independent evidence such as condition surveys, asbestos reports, cost breakdown records, energy bills, user statements, records of interruptions to teaching and learning, all emphasise the issues your school is dealing with.

3. Be prepared to contribute

Your CIF bid will score higher and have a much better chance of success if your school makes a contribution, takes out a loan contribution, or includes a Salix funded element. In last year’s guidance notes the ESFA provided specific information on the available marks associated with different levels of school contribution according to project cost.

4. Don’t underestimate the job at hand

Too often we are contacted by a school that has left their bid to the last minute. Allowing enough time is critical with bid preparation. The amount of work required to prepare the bid and the supporting information should not be underestimated. Consider utilising the services of an expert CIF bid Consultant to put together the documents for you.

5. Don’t give up – get advice

In the latest Condition Improvement Fund round many bids nationwide were unsuccessful. If your bid was unsuccessful, request feedback and speak to us. Synergy has helped many schools successfully appeal outcomes, as well as resubmitting bids which have then been successful in a subsequent bid round.

If you would like assistance with a CIF bid/s do not delay, please contact our CIF bid team

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