Reactivate your lettings with total confidence! – 5 reasons to choose Kajima Community…




During these times of major uncertainty, we want to bring peace of mind to our customers.  If you’re considering reopening your facilities to lettings, we’ve outlined 5 key reasons you should partner with us:

  1. A company you can rely on – we’ve been in the school lettings business for over 15 years.  We deliver contracts with over 250 partner schools across the UK as well as with national organisations including NHS Property Services. 
  2. Innovative lettings solutions that work - our lettings solutions will reduce the amount of time spent administering lettings as well as boost your lettings revenue.  Our solutions will guarantee to deliver efficiencies and increase your income, or your money back.
  3. Your income belongs to you - unlike other operators, the income generated through your lettings is paid directly into your school bank account. 
  4. We are experts in our field - with over 40 years of combined knowledge, our team are always on hand to support, advise and guide you, throughout your journey with us. 
  5. We will enrich your lettings programme - we understand the value a buzzing community can bring to your school.  We work hard to ensure your lettings programme offers a variety of activities for the entire community that don’t just focus on sport. 

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