e-learning from Foodservice Options






Our new e-learning platform can be accessed remotely via a suitable internet connection.

Why should I choose e-learning from Foodservice Options?

  • It’s cost effective and saves time: By reducing the time taken away from work, removing travel expenditures and printed material costs, online learning helps you to save time and money.

  • Learning anytime: Many face-to-face courses only operate within normal working hours. Undertaking the course at a time to suit you will minimise the impact of interruptions and disturbances.

  • It makes tracking course progress simple: Perhaps the most important aspect of using computers for training is that it is easy to track and prove your progress. This can be essential for the courses where mandatory training is required.

  • Fun and engaging: By using a variation of activities and quizzes in the system, the training is both fun and interactive. This ensures the training is engaging and stimulating for the learner.

  • It’s discrete: Not everybody feels comfortable learning in a large group, especially if they find something difficult to understand. E-learning allows each individual to tackle the subject at their own pace, with interactive tasks being set in place to ensure a thorough understanding throughout each module.

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