Prevent and Reduce Absences Related to Anxiety with A Mindful Approach





Schools Advisory Service are the only staff absence insurance product on the market to offer school staff one on one sessions with a therapist, qualified to deliver mindfulness, meditation, relaxation, and hypnotherapy.

Ask June, available exclusively with SAS, offers school staff and senior leadership a source of clinical information and advice on practices to reduce anxiety. Providing a range of preventative measures to help enable staff with coping strategies and exercises shown to reduce anxiety.

“Anxiety becomes a problem when it seems to be happening often and we feel under emotional pressure constantly.

In primitive times, man responded to stress and anxiety by using an inbuilt 'fight or flight' response. However our psyche has not evolved at the same rate as technology and other advances in today's society - it is no longer acceptable to fight off the impositions in our life or flee for safety - we have to stand up and deal with them.”

June also delivers a weekly podcast and live group session which focusses on anxiety-reducing exercises, further supporting staff to improve their mental health.

Learn more about SAS Whole School Wellbeing and other clinical support available with Ask the Experts by contacting SAS on 01773 81 4400.

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