Socially Distanced Print Demonstrations to Assess Potential Cost Savings




So your print contract is up for renewal or you’re unhappy with your current supplier and are looking to have a demonstration of the very best low-cost printer technology but can’t have meetings in your office (for obvious reasons)?

Well, we can assure you that you don’t have to miss out! RISO’s dedicated mobile offices can come to you, in your car park, for a socially distanced meeting and demonstration.

School Business Managers and teaching professionals such as yourselves tell us our mobile showrooms are an ideal way for them to see how ultra-fast, highly-productive RISO printers can help save them money whilst also helping them to print more - especially in colour, which aids pupils learning. Furthermore, we are told their speed and reliability frees up more of their valuable time for teaching.

You too can experience the speed, efficiency and eco-credentials of both the ComColor FW and the ComColor GD printers from the comfort of our mobile showrooms in your school car park. What’s more, you can see for yourself the dedication we have for delivering excellent customer service.

To book a socially distanced visit from RISO, an ISBL Approved Partner, click here

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