COVID-19 and your annual Trustees’ report




Your annual Trustees’ report should describe the Trust’s objectives, how it’s achieved these and explain its future plans. Simple enough.

However, this year it’s vital to talk about the impact of COVID-19 on your Trust. It’s the single biggest event of a generation – one that’s affected us all - and will provide important context on the Trust’s achievements and future plans.

There’s some guidance in the AAD 2019-20 Supplementary Bulletin. There’s a temptation not to say much at all given the absence of academic data this year. We all know it’s not just about the data though!

Consider including these key elements in explaining the impact of COVID-19 on your Trust:

  • How do your self-assessments of pupil attainment compare to previous years?

  • What’s been the impact on staff and pupils? Consider health and wellbeing, safeguarding, the changes to remote working. How has the Trust dealt with these issues?

  • What’s been the impact operationally? Consider the infrastructure for ICT and changing to remote learning, the robustness of your governance structure and any significant changes needed to adapt processes.

  • What’s been the impact financially? Consider lost income, additional funding claimed, additional costs incurred and any cost savings made.

  • Lastly, what impact will the ongoing control measures have? There will be ongoing consequences to the above but also what is the strategic impact on the Trust?

If you need any help with your Trustees’ report or any other Academy finance or governance related matters, then just give our not-for-profit team a call!

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