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The start to the year will no doubt continue to be a challenging one for schools and their communities.  Kajima Community are a dependable lettings partner who will offer you total piece of mind, for the long-term.  We’ve put together our top five reasons for choosing us as your lettings partner nowgetting ready to reopen to your community when the time is right: 


  1. A company you can rely on  we’ve been managing school lettings for over 15 years.  We deliver contracts with over 250 partner schools across the UK as well as with national organisations including NHS Property Services and we’re here to stay. 


  1. Innovative lettings solutions that work  our school lettings software will guarantee to deliver efficiencies and increase your income, or your money back. 


  1. Get set up and mobilise now  be ready to restart your lettings when the time is right.   


  1. One step ahead  our fees are based on a percentage of your income so you only pay for our services once you start generating income. 


  1. We are experts in our field  our trusted team of lettings experts have decades of collective experience in supporting schools to maximise their lettings.   


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