Dry January – The Impact of Alcohol in Lockdown




January is the month where we tend to reflect on the past year and make resolutions to try and do better in the year to come. This January, however many will be reflecting on how they are coping with feeling overwhelmed, burned out, and possibly dealing with loss and isolation.   

We all cope differently and many will have a drink after a particularly difficult dayHowever, when drinking becomes part of a routine and the way to cope it can have the opposite effect.  

Some stats: 

  • More than a quarter of people have drunk more during lockdown. 

  • One in five have drunk more due to stress and/or anxiety. 

  • Alcohol Change, reported a 242% increase, in people accessing support pages between 23rd March – 23rd June 2020. 

  • 25% of A&E admissions relate to alcohol. 

A person doesn’t have to be alcohol dependent for it to have a negative impact on their life. Dry January can provide you with the opportunity to be pro-active, engaging with staff to raise awareness and encouraging them to check in with themselves and their relationship with alcohol.   

If you need support putting a robust wellbeing framework in place including alcohol and substance misuse you can contact PACT HR on 01274 436644 or email us at 


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