Print a level playing field for your pupils









We know how hard schools are working during these COVID times, with teachers and support staff working tirelessly to provide continuity of learning despite the upheaval caused by the pandemic.  


While online is playing a major part in the school day, it’s actually print that can help create a level playing field when it comes to distanced learning. 


The tried and much-trusted printer can be used by schools and academies to easily create invaluable learning packs and materials for use at home, whether or not pupils have access to online learning, laptops, or wi-fi. 


What’s more, when schools do reopen, printing with a RISO hi-speed inkjet printer is the socially-distanced, non-contact, low-cost solution to creating a whole host of learning materials to help youngsters get ahead. 


And with RISO, as many school business managers and bursars across the country know, printing doesn’t have to be costly and budget-breaking. It doesn’t have to be inefficient, wasteful and harm the environment. 


Today thousands of schools are benefiting from RISO printers as they provide a fast, reliable and cost-effective way of producing home learning materials. This is essential in helping pupils now and in the future. 


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