The determination deadline for admission arrangements looms









Own admission authority schools must determine admission arrangements by 28 Feb 


Academy Trusts and Governing Bodies of own admission authority schools (i.e. voluntary aided and foundation) must formally determine the admission arrangements for the 2022 intake for all schools by 28 February 2021. 


Some will have consulted and will need to consider all responses to decide what, if any, changes to proceed with, before finalising the admission arrangements ahead of determination.  Crucially, changes which have not been consulted on (except to change dates or increase the PAN) cannot be made.  Tweaks to wording as a direct result of responses/suggestions made by consultees may be made, as long as they would not fundamentally change how or to whom places are allocated. 


The consideration of responses, and the act of determining the final admission arrangements, must be minuted - these minutes will be requested by a Schools Adjudicator if an objection is lodged.  Once determined, a copy of the admission arrangements (which includes not only policies but all other related documents) must be sent to the school's Local Authority (by 15 March 2021) and published on the school's website. 


For advice and support, please contact Joanna Goddard of VWV at or on 07392 090 890. 

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