Help your school improve its outdoor space this spring






How Spring ready is your outdoor space? We all recognise the benefits of having a well-designed, versatile outdoor space – not only providing pupils with an exciting setting to play and learn in, it can enhance the whole school environment, helping children develop socially and emotionally as well as promoting exercise. 

Talking to Playtime by Fawns is a great way to make sure that your school is providing pupils with a great outdoor space. They’ve been working with schools and nurseries to improve their outdoor spaces across the country since 1989, so it’s guaranteed that you’ll be putting your school in the hands of experts with years of experience. The approach taken by Fawns means that you’re involved every step of the way – a consultative and inclusive process, allowing you to keep up to date and get involved in the whole project – which also provides great opportunities for pupils to be part of the exciting design experience for their new playground. Fawns provide you with the smoothest process possible for implementing your new outdoor area, making sure that they’re easy to communicate with and working around your unique needs. This philosophy is why Fawns is the perfect choice when looking for someone to help improve your school’s outdoor space. 

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