Southern Communications – bringing home learning and campus communications together


A telephone system from Southern Communications has the technology to effectively bring together staff, students and parents across home schooling and on campus environments.  



Cleverly, handsets can be used as speaker points, enabling pre-programmed and live announcements to be tailored to specific locations or groups and broadcast to specific areas or across the whole campus, while programmable alarms mean you can have different sounds for different eventssuch as end of lessons, fire and lockdown alarms. 


Mobile applications enable staff to work remotely, as if they were on campus.  Calls can be transferred by dialling an extension number, recorded and retrieved as if made from a handset on campus and privacy is maintained by presenting the school number, from your mobile, when calling out. 


Call routing and announcements make it easy to manage inbound calls and direct callers to the right department and call logging provides essential detailed information across inbound and outbound call performance. 


At Southern Communications we provide services to over 1000 schools around the UK and have over 50years experience in the supply of telephone solutions, so if you are looking for a telephone system that offers so much more and effectively connects your staff, students and parents contact us today.   

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